Websites I set up for projects during and after the course, and projects that are currently in development

Berman Bakery

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Development of a store website for the sale of pastries, cakes and other products. The development is done in php language, using the laravel library, Website design using bootsrap, as well as extensive use of ajax-json, jquery and more methods. The site has the option of registering users and an login system, a management system for products, users, categories, and adding static pages to the site.

Chabad on campus

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A social site designed for Hanukkah days for students. The Chabad organization on campus encouraged students to go and light candles along with seniors who are socially distant due to the corona virus, and light Hanukkah candles with them, upload the image to the site and get points, and share the site to all students.
The site was developed using PHP together with MYSQL and consists of a lot of logic of links and information systems The design is intended for cell phones as it will be convenient for the user to upload photos.
Website design by Tnufa.